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Dr Wang is a wonderful doctor. I had a very bad migraine, I took very strong tablets for migraine the first time that I came, Dr Wang consulted my history, she did acupuncture. After six treatments, my headache was gone. I could hardly believe the effects of acupuncture. I highly recommend Dr Wang for your good health.

Robert W



My family and I have been going to Dr Wang since we moved here over eight years ago. I have had experience with several acupuncturists. I am sensitive to prescription and over the counter medicine, so I prefer to use acupuncture to help and cure ailments. I had a bad sciatica. After Dr Wang's gentle acupuncture I have had, amazing things happened with no pain involved. My pain was finished. I had gone back to day-to-day life. Dr Wang is very professional and empathetic.

David C



When I went for my first appointment, Dr. Wang patiently explained what she was going to do and assured me the needles would not hurt. She was right: there was no pain, and after the first appointment, my knee  moved  and felt so much better. Three more visit, and my knee was as good as new! Since then,she has treated my back pain now, they are a thing of the past. She's definitely a knowledgeable, caring practitioner. The needles do not hurt and the experience is very relaxing. I highly recommend .

Tracey M


I went to Dr Wang on the recommendation of a friend after  I had the Bell's Palsy. I did not have any previous experience with acupuncture so I was very surprised to see slight improvement after my first visit, and then BIG improvement after fifth visit. Dr. Wang was friendly and quick; and she was completely in control of my treatment, by which I mean that she knew exactly how to chase down a complicated neurological ailment and fix it. It was such a relief, and my face looked normal. The needles really don't hurt.I strongly recommend her to friends and family. She's the best !!

Milat P



You have made the world of difference in my health. Thank you for your skills and knowledge. I have learned to appreciate the art and science of acupuncture in your good hands.

Melissa B



There is much more going on here than just a bunch of tiny needles changing the way my body does things. There is the magic that is  Dr.Wang. She makes me believe that the pain can end and I can be healthy again.

Richard H

“I am 73 years old and have suffered frozen shoulder for the last 3 years. My friend suggested I go see Dr Wang for Acupuncture treatment. After my fourth treatment my left shoulder was 90% better, and I can use my hands again to do my work. All thanks to Dr Wang ”

Amee M


“Dr Wang is amazing, always. I had stroke with right-side, Dr Wang worked for me (acupuncture) over approx 18 sessions.  I was walking again, I looked and felteven healthier. She is truly a gifted healer. I highly recommend making this investment in your health. ”

Peter G


I was moving a heavy sofa when suddenly, I had pain in my back and leg. The MRI showed a bulging disc in my lower back. Wanting to avoid surgery, I went to Dr. Wang who treated me with acupuncture, the tuina massage and herbs. six visits later, the pain was so reduced that I was able to sleep flat on my back! After 9 visits, I was pain-free–with no surgery!! Dr. Wang is amazing!

David D


I have pain on the right side of neck & shoulder, also headache, related insomnia. Through a friend, I finally found and met Dr Wang. After few sessions acupuncture, my neck and my shoulder pain is way much better since I stopped being researcher. My sleep has gone back to normal. I feel like a fresh person. Dr Wang is brilliant!

Christine F


I tried acupuncture few years ago with another acupuncturist to help with my left leg pain and it was not very successful. My pain was so bad that I had to resort to taking painkillers during the night. My physiotherapist suggested trying acupuncture again.  Friend recommend to see Dr Wang, Since seeing Dr Wang the pain has lessened considerably. I am able to relax in the evening without the irritating discomfort, and I sleep better too! After only 6 treatments my pain was gone! Now I can get my life back together and focus on maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Chris A

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